I am in search of several Snoozer Quinn recordings that are lost. If you ever come across them, please contact me! Below is a list (I’ll update over time).

SNOOZER QUINN (Guitar Solos)
Recorded in San Antonio, TX, May 21, 1928

BVE 42345-1 “SNOOZER’S” BLUES [78] Victor Unissued
BVE 42345-2 (Quinn)
BVE 42346-1 TIGER RAG [78] Victor Unissued
BVE 42346-2
BVE 42346-3
BVE 42347-1 THAT’LL GET IT – Stomp [78] Victor Unissued
BVE 42347-2 (Quinn)
BVE 42348-1 RAMBLING BLUES [78] Victor Unissued
BVE 42348-2 (Quinn)
BVE 42348-3

Note: information from the Victor files, “Recording Book” page 66617-A. Originally compiled by Tor Magnusson and Don Peak for the Jazz Archivist, Vol. VII, no. 1-2 (December 1992) “The Recordings of Snoozer Quinn, Legendary Guitar Player”

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