FOUND Victor 21261

Seeking Victor 21261 - Mart Britt

Victor 21261 - Mart Britt

I am looking for Victor 21261, Mart Britt singing “Tell Me Sweet Rose” and “You Will Be Gone.” Above is an ad listing them from the Morning Herald in Uniontown, Pennsylvania from April 21, 1928. I think it is possible that Snoozer is on these Mart Britt recordings. If you come across this, please let me know!!! UPDATE! FOUND IT Jan. 2, 2010. Purchased and will be arriving soon.

Snoozer Quinn website launch

Eddie "Snoozer" Quinn

Thanks for visiting the Snoozer Quinn website. I’ll be developing this site with great information about the amazing Eddie Quinn in coming months, as I fine tune the thesis I am writing for Tulane University.

And if you’re a super fan of Snoozer Quinn, I hope you can come to see a presentation I’m giving during the 2010 French Quarter Fest in New Orleans. The exact time will be announced soon, but it will be April 9-11, 2010. It’s a FABULOUS free festival, with the best music in the world and the BEST food in the world, in the most beautiful city in America, during a glorious time of year.

Snoozer is LONG due for some significant recognition, and at this presentation, I will have an accompanying exhibit with photographs, instruments, mementos and more.


Kathryn D. Hobgood Ray
December 8, 2009