Hear Eddie ‘Snoozer’ Quinn play a medley of “Georgia On My Mind” and “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes.”

Johnny Wiggs recorded Snoozer in 1948 (Snoozer died in 1949) in the tuberculosis section of New Orleans Charity Hospital. These recordings are now on file at the Louisiana State Museum, and most of them are available for listening here. Many thanks to the Booze Brothers for long hosting this page on Snoozer Quinn.

I do have more recordings of Quinn, with singers and some other miscellaneous files. Hopefully, I’ll be able to add more information to this page over time.

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  1. I’m delighted to have found your website. Both links are taking me to the Booze Bros. page.

    I’d love to hear more of Snoozer’s solo recordings and would like to share them with visitors to my site.

    It’s great to find such a wonderful guitarist (and a fellow Louisianian, to boot).

  2. Hi,
    great to see Snoozer Quinn mentioned on the net. Are you aware of the Louisiana digital library which has lots of Johnny Wiggs’ recorded outtakes here: ?
    Also, you might like to hear (if you don’t know already), that there 3 pages devoted to Snoozer Quinn in Jürgen Schwab’s published dissertation “Die Gitarre im Jazz. Zur stilistischen Entwicklung von den Anfängen bis 1960 ” (the guitar in jazz. On the stylistic development from the beginnings to 1960). This also includes a transcription of 32 bars from the version of “Georgia On My Mind” that you have on top of this page here.
    If you need a scan of the section on Snoozer, feel free to contact me.
    Best regards

  3. We are so proud of you for picking up and carrying the torch, so that others can appreciate the true genius of Snoozer Quinn. It has been our distinct (and sometimes lonely) pleasure to have been able to host our Snoozer page for all these years – there have been letters from people world-wide who were amazed at his talent. We hope to be there for your presentation, but if we cannot, we are certain you will represent us and the wonderful music we are in danger of losing.

  4. Katherine,
    Foots shared your site with me this morning..It is fantastic!!
    Thank you for your diligent efforts and fascinating research into Snoozer’s life and music..What a legend is truly IS!!

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