Paul, Les

Les Paul on Snoozer:

Les Paul

The great Les Paul drove to Bogalusa to hear Snoozer play.

“Paul Whiteman told me about him. He said that he was the forerunner of Eddie Lang. In other words, everybody has got to admire somebody, and Eddie had idolized Snoozer. The way Paul Whiteman said it, Snoozer was the most outstanding guitar player. He could play a whole solo with one hand. But even though he was fantastic, Whiteman couldn’t get him to leave his home….I visited Snoozer at his house. He played a couple of records for me, and then he played for me out on the front porch. I thought he was great! A lot better than the records. He played some original tunes, “Marlinburg Joy,” and something like “Darktown Strutters Ball.” That’s where I learned to pull and hammer strings.

– Interview with Jas Obrecht in “Acoustic Roots: The Legendary Snoozer Quinn,” Frets Magazine, November 1987.




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