Is Snoozer the guitarist on these Mart Britt recordings?

In Brian Rust’s The Victor Master Book Vol. 2 [1969] he lists Mart Britt accompanying himself on guitar in a session from Feb. 9, 1928.

MART BRITT Vocal, Acc. by own guitar
Recorded in Memphis, TN, Feb. 9, 1928 in the Auditorium
41866-3 Tell Me, Sweet Rose – 21261
41867-2 Joe’s Barroom
41868-2 You Will Be Gone – 21261

Bogalusa Daily News p. 3 Feb. 26, 1928

I found an article in the Bogalusa Daily News, from Feb. 26, 1928, saying that:
“Eddie has made several records accompanied with Mart Britt, a vocalist, but has now been solicited by the Victor Company to make a series of records with his trusty banjo.”

I recently tracked down the 78 featuring these two songs. Any chance that we have more Snoozer on record, even as simple accompaniment, is worth investigation! And thanks to fellow New Orleanian and music lover Rob Hudak for digitizing these songs, I can now post them here for your listening pleasure. Any feedback is much appreciated!!!!

I have written off to the great Brian Rust for his opinion on the matter. I do not know what his original sources were. Hope I hear back!!!

Tell Me, Sweet Rose:

You Will Be Gone:

2 thoughts on “Is Snoozer the guitarist on these Mart Britt recordings?

  1. Whatever they are, I enjoyed listening to them. The sound of the guitar on these recordings does indeed sound to me like a Gibson L-5 from that era (1924-29 basically), which is Snoozer’s model. I can’t think of any other guitars from this era that would have this sound… an archtop tone that is smooth and refined instead of brighter and rougher. That’s the way I hear it, but who knows.

  2. Thank you for the comment! Someone pointed out to me that the guitar must be a tenor guitar….. after listening, I think I agree. The arpeggios seem so short! What do you think?

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