Bogalusa, Trains, Songs

Ray family posing on Snoozer's bench.

Ray family posing on Snoozer’s bench.

My family recently had the opportunity to perform train songs with Foots Quinn, Snoozer’s nephew, at an event in Bogalusa. Foots is a train fanatic! He goes on rides around the country all the time, just for fun, and has recorded a CD of train songs. (I play a little country fiddle on some of the recordings.)

My husband Dave sang “My Baby Think She’s a Train,” “Desperados Waiting for a Train,” and “Texas 1947.” I sang “Hobo’s Lullaby” and “The L&N Don’t Stop Here Anymore.”

Foots recently installed two benches on the edge of the Boque Lusa Creek in Cassidy Park. (Bogue Lusa means “dark waters” in the Choctaw language.) The benches are memorials to Eddie “Snoozer” Quinn and Richard “Dick” Quinn, who passed away two years ago. (Dick was another of Snoozer’s nephews.)

Above is a photo of my family posing on Snoozer’s bench. Little Louis is a budding musician. He can’t decide between red plastic sax, guitar or drums. Below is a photo of Foots.

Foots Quinn playing some train songs.

Foots Quinn playing some train songs.