The Claude Blanchard Orchestra in Texas in the Jazz Archivist

The new Jazz Archivist from Tulane University’s Hogan Jazz Archive is out!

It includes an update on the Claude Blanchard research project. Over the past two year I’ve taken a break from serious archival research to focus on creative projects, but I’ve done some research-related travel and interviews on the side. I’ve gathered some very special historical documents from Claude Blanchard’s descendants, including a scrapbook. This article (“Claude Blanchard’s Orchestra and Affiliates in Texas: An Update on the Ongoing Research”) discusses some of the research in 2014.

Thanks to Lynn Abbott for encouraging me to finish this article, even though the research isn’t finished. (I’ve come to realize the research is never finished.) But maybe someone out there will find something useful!

You can read the article below. Look at past issues of the Jazz Archivist here.

Jazz Archivist Vol. 27 2014

Blanchard’s orchestra with female accordion artist Mae Stoekel.

Blanchard’s orchestra with accordionist Mae Stoekel.